“You have honestly been the best childcare provider we’ve ever met (and we’ve met a lot).”

– Megan Khadempour

“Jennifer gets it — toddlers love to be understood! Jennifer is calm and honest in her communication and she doesn’t take misbehavior personally.”

– Lindsay Coulter

“As a father, I have very high standards for who looks after my little girl. Jennifer is a true professional with the kids, and with us parents. She is easy to talk to and always has time for our questions and to share stories about the day. I highly recommend Growing Matters to any parent who wants the best for their child.”

– Nicholas Nadja

“Jennifer has an incredibly special way with children. She listens, engages and creates a world of fun and appreciation for all things – big or small, living or inanimate. Our little guy is thriving and I give thanks every day for what Jennifer and Growing Matters means to him and to us.”

– Lindsay Taberner

“My daughter loves going to Growing Matters daycare to spend time with Jennifer and the kids. At 3.5 years old, she is very high energy and needs a lot of challenge to keep her interested. So the fact that she looks forward to going to daycare tells me that Jennifer is caring and creative throughout the day. So far my daughter has learned singing, gardening, cooking and art skills.”

– Nicholas Nadja

“Growing Matters provides healthy, seasonal, super local and organic food all day long which allows us more family time — instead of making lunches (and honestly, I could cheat more with our home menu!).”

– Lindsay Coulter

“Jennifer is genuinely concerned with the well-being of my son. She allows him to exist in her presence and together we could discuss anything and everything that affected his happiness.”

– Lindsay Taberner

“Growing Matters Daycare is caring, loving and a lot of fun for kids. When I drop my son off in the morning he runs in with excitement. As a parent it is so wonderful to know that your child loves the environment he’s in while you’re at work. It’s the special place that we wanted for our little guy and we are so happy that we found it.”

– Dave Taberner

“The best part about picking up my son after a day at Growing Matters? It was seeing that he’d gone through every change of clothes. Mud pie mastery, beach time, nature exploration and digging in the garden is exactly the play-based time I wish for him.”

– Lindsay Coulter

“At my daughter's previous daycare my daughter would be so tired that she fell asleep on the way home within minutes. Our nights were also full of fighting and trying to get my daughter to bed, which she really wasn't willing to do. I figured out that it must have had something to do with her not having naps in the afternoon. When we started with Jennifer's care at Growing Matters, within a week life was so much better, as my daughter was well rested in the afternoon. When I pick her up she is always full of energy and excited to see me. Our nights are not a fight at bedtime anymore and so life is so much better not only for my daughter but for my whole family!”

– Daniella Nadja

"Jennifer delights in arts and the creative making and sharing that is gardening and cooking and baking together with others. She's an encouraging and deeply caring model in these areas for our daughter who loves the compost worms, the squishy paints, the cold soil, the bold colours, the changing shapes, the sweet- smelling baking and the splash-splash new experience of it all. Perhaps a favorite moment has been arriving to see Jennifer and our daughter together, huddled at the light of the oven door, waiting and whispering about whether the goodies inside were 'just right' yet."

– A family (who whishes all family names to remain offline)

"Jennifer and Growing Matters embody caregiving to its fullest. Growing Matters provides in ways that most daycares do not, from homemade nourishing organic foods to encouraging imagination through dance and allowing the children within her care to experience amazing adventures within the realms of the art inspired living area to the tidal pools of the Pacific Ocean, Jennifer makes this job look easy - providing children in her care with class, grace and a sense of humour is something we could all take a page from."

– Sandii Hundseth - Colleague in the Child Care profession